Foundation Board

The Board of Directors of Glendale Memorial Health Foundation provides critical leadership and support to ensure that its operations are based on transparency, accountability and stewardship.  Board members are Foundation advocates in the community, provide connections to individuals and organizations and contribute their time, talent and treasure to the Foundation’s purpose, mission and vision.

Ghassan Al-Jazayrly, MD

Ashikyan 166

Zara Ashikyan, PhD


Sevag Balikian, MD

Liviu Chindris, MD

Kathleen Dennis-Zarate, MD

Vice Chair of the Board

Steeve Henry

Wayne Herron

VP of Philanthropy

Steve Hunt



Douglas W. Kawamura CPA

Tim Lewis

Mehdikhani 166

Edgar Mehdikhani, MD

Ott 166

Markus Mettler


Rob Mikitarian

Ott 166

Nick Mosaquites

Ott 166

George William Ott, III


Santo Polito, MD

Chair of the Board


David Rogers, MD

Sprengle Julie 166

Julie Sprengel

Interim Hospital CEO (ex-officio)

Craig Warden