Why Giving Matters

Glendale Memorial’s Undercover Patient


Letter from Rick Pendleton to Jack Ivie, President of Glendale Memorial Hospital:

I wanted to send you a letter saying how grateful I am to the staff of Glendale Memorial Hospital–and, yes, the entire staff.

I am the director of the CBS show, Undercover Boss. I have seen many CEOs go undercover to see what is really up inside their company. Of course, these CEOs want their organization to shine, but many times their business fall short.

I must say that EVERY member of the staff I ran into at Glendale Memorial Hospital was kind, positive, and well trained (that would be about 50 people). I did not run into one bad apple, not even a ripe apple! The nurses, the X-ray techs, the lab techs, security guards, admitting staff, emergency room staff, the guys who wheel you around at 2:00 a.m., the ladies who cleaned my room, Doctor Perez and Dr. Wong, were great.

If I could sum up one word that described your team–compassionate.

I especially am thankful for my late night nurse, Ruby. I had been vomiting for eight hours. I felt like I just wanted to die. She encouraged me, a force for positive momentum; her presence changed the trajectory of my status from sorry to hope. From fearing death to knowing I would get better.

Many thanks for being the captain of such a great team.

With much love, blessings and tears of gratitude.

Rick Pendleton